Paddling the Napali Coast

Kayaking the 17 mile Napali Coast is rated America's #2 adventure trek by National Geographic Adventure magazine. It's certainly one of the most beautiful places in America. Unspoiled and unaccessible by car, even hikers can only reach limited areas. Imagine seeing these verdant cliffs while paddling over deep blue waters with dolphins by your side, and discovering hidden beaches and caves the way the ancient Hawaiians did centuries ago.

This adventure, although it is open to those without kayaking experience, is not for the feint of heart or the physically unfit. Being at home in the water is the top priority since capsizing can be common. After the first mile of paddling there is an opportunity given, for anyone wishing to, to return to shore. Seventeen miles of paddling can be strenuous, even if it is punctuated with stops at beautiful beaches and a sun filled open ceiling cave where paddlers can take a swim in the calm turquoise waters.

From April through October there are guided trips offered by three outfitters on Kauai:


Kayak Kauai, Hanalei 808 437-3507

Napali Kayak, Hanalei 866 977-6900

Outfitters Kauai, Poipu Beach 888 742-9887